Peat agency confirms submission of complete APP data

(foresthints.news) - The Indonesian Peat Restoration Agency has declared that the data submitted by Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) is finally complete, in particular that related to the depth of peat located in the pulp and paper companys fiber supply chain in Sumatra and Kalimantan, which includes priority provinces for peat restoration.

As of now, we have come to the conclusion that the data submitted by APP is complete, most notably data on the concessions, depth of peat, location of canals and canal blockings, Nazir Foead, Chief of the Indonesian Peat Restoration Agency, told foresthints.news on Monday (Jun 20) in Jakarta when asked about the results of initial verification performed by the peat agency on the data submitted by APP last Friday (Jun 17).

Furthermore, Nazir continued, APP also submitted data on social conflicts, in this case social conflicts associated with the peatlands in APP concessions. He also spoke about where the agency was focusing its efforts.

As I have previously explained, there are APP concessions located in two regencies in South Sumatra in which peat restoration is being prioritized because of the severity of last year's peat fires there.

Nazir reiterated that peat restoration in these priority regencies remains the main concern of the peat agency.

The burned peatlands in the APP concessions situated in these two regencies are our top priority in terms of restoration. Thats why this data from APP was essential, as it serves as important input for the peat agency.

Nazir went on to say that a data clarification and verification process with APP will be scheduled for the near future and will include other business groups even though he will not be present.

The entire data clarification and verification process with APP and other relevant companies will be properly recorded and documented. I wont be meeting with any companies in person with respect to the clarification and verification of data.

The peat agency chief took the opportunity to remind all parties concerned, especially those in the private sector, that economic growth in Indonesia suffered last year as a result of the lack of control over forest and land fires which to a large extent involved APP concessions in the province of South Sumatra.

Indonesias economy must never be allowed to become a victim of fires originating from peatlands situated in pulpwood and palm oil concessions. The economic contribution these companies make to the Indonesian economy pales in significance compared to the economic losses wrought by fires that have taken place on their concessions, Nazir admonished.

He then posed the question as to who would end up bearing the significant cost of the losses caused by the peat fires. The answer, said Nazir, is the people and government of Indonesia.

In light of this, the peat agency chief requested that the private sector be cooperative in supporting the acceleration of the restoration of burned peatlands spread over their concessions in line with the presidential regulation that established the peat agency.