February 25, 2020
Palm oil concessions home to rich biodiversity

“It has been proven on the ground that the existing palm oil concessions in Indonesia remain home to some extensive biodiversity. We also need to look at these facts,” Minister Nurbaya explained during a technical discussion on biodiversity and...
February 13, 2020
No further deforestation by palm oil company in West Papua

This news report provides evidence that no further deforestation has taken place in the two ANJT palm oil concessions over the past year until early February this year.
February 10, 2020
Palm oil firm’s NDPE in Leuser Ecosystem deserves support

“Nevertheless, if we look at the efforts needed to protect the existing elephant routes in the concession and to ensure that the company’s soon-to-operate new mill is aligned with NDPE practices, the company’s move is still worthy of support."
December 13, 2019
Al Gore urged to learn from two sealed Cargill concessions

In response to a speech made by former US Vice President Al Gore on Indonesia’s 2019 forest and land fires at an Indonesia Pavilion event at COP 25 Madrid, the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry had advised him to learn from the sealing of two Cargill palm oil concessions due to fires.
December 12, 2019
UNEP slides on Indonesia’s burned areas now irrelevant

>The Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry has asserted that UNEP presentation slides (Dec 4) which quote a CIFOR report (Dec 2) in discussing the extent of 2019’s forest and land fires have automatically lost their relevance...
December 10, 2019
150 orangutans in palm oil concession saved from fires

The impact of this year’s forest and land fires on at least 150 Bornean orangutans in two conservation blocks set aside by (PT KAL), a palm oil concession owned by Jakarta listed company PT ANJT Tbk, a member of RSPO, is indeed worrisome.
November 18, 2019
GAR’s peat rehabilitation site burned again

Unfortunately, however, over 40% of the peat rehabilitation site was ravaged by fires again this September, undoubtedly contributing to the haze-causing fires emanating from Indonesian Borneo.
November 6, 2019
Govt: RSPO should question its own effectiveness

RSPO should assess its effectiveness as the sustainable palm oil certifying body, given that more than half of the palm oil concessions sealed by the authorities this year due to haze-causing fires burning within them are RSPO members.
September 16, 2019
Authorities respond to Sime Darby and IOI denials

"The sealing of a burned location is part of the law enforcement process. We will apply multi-layered law enforcement, at the administrative, civil and criminal levels. This process continues."
September 13, 2019
Malaysian concessions at fault for fires and haze sealed

A number of Malaysian palm oil companies have been sealed by the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry because of on-the-ground evidence of their failure to prevent forest and land fires in their concessions...
September 4, 2019
Jakarta offers conditional deal to Brussels on palm oil

“With this mind, we would like to reaffirm that the Indonesian government is the EU’s only global partner when it comes to ensuring that these key Sumatran wildlife species will not face extinction."
August 20, 2019
Field evidence verifies Astra’s forest conservation efforts

A ground-based observation by the foresthints.news team has found that areas of remaining forest cover, both good and not good, in a palm oil concession (PT TPP) owned by Indonesia’s second largest palm oil producer...
August 5, 2019
Indonesian permanent forest moratorium signed

Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya stated that President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has signed a 5-page order for a permanent moratorium which ends the provision of new permits in primary forests and peatlands...
August 1, 2019
“Mostly deforestation free” not enough: Aidenvironment

"A small but significant minority of growers and trader-refiners are putting Indonesia’s strategic commodity - palm oil - at great risk because they choose to continue clearing forests and peatlands..."
July 30, 2019
Major peat forests still left in Salim palm oil concession

Satellite data confirms that from late June 2018 to early July 2019, 96.25% of the total remaining undrained forested peatlands in the palm oil concession, had still yet to be drained.
July 25, 2019
Mighty Earth: Astra sending a powerful signal

“Since they are Indonesia’s second largest company, these forest conservation efforts send a powerful signal about their and the country’s true commitment to conservation.”
July 22, 2019
Key wildlife habitat protected by palm oil producer

Astra Agro Lestari, Indonesia’s second largest palm oil producer, has proved itself to be maintaining a major part of the Sumatran tiger and elephant habitat, spanning an area larger than...
July 8, 2019
GAMA translating NDPE policy into action in Papua

Almost a year after it adopted an NDPE policy, global palm oil supplier GAMA Plantation has performed outstandingly in executing zero deforestation practices among high carbon stock (HCS) forests in its two concessions in Merauke, Papua province.
June 20, 2019
GAR-Greenpeace engagement ends up in claim rebuttal

It is thus important to point out that from February 2011 until February 2014, Greenpeace was engaged with GAR even though this palm oil giant did not yet have a deforestation-free palm oil policy across its entire supply chains in place...
June 13, 2019
Ground-check reaffirms NDPE newcomer serious

This case - of a newcomer executing a recently-adopted NDPE policy while also fulfilling its legal compliance - should also serve as another lesson learned with regard to the palm oil industry using NDPE policies to clean up supply chains from...
May 29, 2019
Over 1000 orangutans remain ahead of World Environment Day

It is our expectation, of course, that by the time World Environment Day is celebrated in a few days’ time (Jun 5), nothing will have happened to threaten the more than one thousand Bornean orangutans living in the MPK logging concession.
May 27, 2019
GAR making consistent efforts to protect HCS forests

The majority of the large blocks of high carbon stock (HCS) forests spread within three palm oil concessions controlled by Golden Agri-Resources (GAR/Sinarmas Group) is still being protected...
May 23, 2019
PHOTOS: Orangutans living in palm oil concession

This reaffirms the need for the EU - whose recently-adopted delegated act seeks to phase out the use of palm oil in biofuels - to collaborate with palm oil companies if it wishes to play a role in ensuring the survival of Bornean orangutans...
May 20, 2019
GAMA changes stance towards Bornean orangutan forests

The EU should be supporting such consistent efforts, as encapsulated by this case among others, by collaborating with the Indonesian government, including to establish stricter standards, rather than seeking to phase out...
May 16, 2019
Half of palm oil concession set aside for conservation

“About 7,000 hectares of lowland rainforest, or half the concession, is currently under a peer review process to be set aside for conservation, mixed in an existing palm oil plantation landscape."
May 14, 2019
Another palm oil concession key to the fate of Bornean orangutans

The EU actually has a great opportunity to work with the Indonesian government and palm oil industry to ensure the survival of orangutans which are still extensively found in palm oil concessions...
May 9, 2019
Fate of 108 Bornean orangutans depends on listed company

This case should serve as a lesson learned for the EU as it pertains to its delegated act which could discourage palm oil companies from protecting Bornean orangutan habitat in their existing concessions.
May 6, 2019
Indonesia set to review EU’s role in Leuser Ecosystem

“In principle, we would like to maintain a strong collaboration with the EU, including in efforts for forest protection and nature conservation. However, if its delegated act is enforced, then how is it possible to maintain this?”
May 2, 2019
More facts from palm oil landscape serve as lesson for EU

It’s very important for the EU to learn lessons from the fact that the Sumatran orangutan-inhabited peat forests in the Tripa peatland landscape remain largely intact.
April 29, 2019
Palm oil company still protecting world’s orangutan capital

If major parts of the peat forests in the Saratoga palm oil company's concession are replaced by new palm oil plantations, then the orangutan capital of the world will become just a story.
April 25, 2019
New photos from home of cohabitating key wildlife species

In this case, a forward-looking approach is essential to ensure that protection efforts continue to take place, including in the Rawa Singkil wildlife reserve which constitutes a core part of the Leuser Ecosystem.
April 22, 2019
Delegated act could end EU's role in Leuser Ecosystem

It would, of course, be a great pity if the EU's well-established engagement in the protection of the Leuser Ecosystem comes to an end as a result of an Indonesian government review in reaction to the enactment of the EU delegated act.
April 9, 2019
EU needs to take President Jokowi’s objections seriously

President Jokowi’s complaints about the recently-adopted EU delegated act shouldn’t simply be ignored by the EU, considering that he has the power to cancel the existing legal framework which is targeted towards ending peat drainage and deforestation of good forest cover.
April 5, 2019
Norway’s special envoy talks about EU delegated act

President Joko Widodo’s administration, in his view, “has done a remarkable job, most notably by imposing the peat moratorium and palm oil expansion moratorium as well as ending forest fires. This has been a Herculean challenge."
April 2, 2019
Return to planned deforestation should make EU think twice

The EU should weigh up how much new deforestation of HCS forests will be avoided due to the shift from planned deforestation areas to unplanned deforestation targets, thanks to the President’s freeze on palm oil expansion for at least the next three years.
March 29, 2019
Over 100 palm oil companies on the list for new permits

More than 100 companies are on the list to obtain new permits for the expansion of new palm plantations covering an area of more than 1.4 million hectares, twenty times the size of Singapore, much of which contains HCS forests.
March 26, 2019
Worry EU move may prompt Jakarta to lift palm oil moratorium

“We are worried that the EU delegated act could potentially disappoint President Jokowi, resulting in the cancellation of his order for the palm oil expansion moratorium."
March 22, 2019
Peat drainage ongoing amid protests against EU’s delegated act

Amid increasingly tense protests about the EU's delegated act on the sustainability criteria for biofuels, it seems that three global palm oil suppliers are disregarding the situation by continuing to clear and drain peat forests which are home to Bornean orangutans.
March 18, 2019
No resolve evident in palm oil moratorium enforcement

Nearly five months after the signing of the moratorium on palm oil expansion in September last year by President Joko Widodo, the implementation of the evaluation of good forest cover in existing palm oil concessions is still absent.
March 11, 2019
PHOTOS: Orangutan forests still being ruined for palm oil

The reputation of the Indonesian palm oil sector is not only determined by companies that have abandoned deforestation and peat destruction practices while continuing to clean up to their supply chains from business-as-usual practices.
March 8, 2019
President delivers great gift for RI’s palm oil reputation

“Besides enhancing Indonesia’s reputation, President Jokowi’s gift has also improved Indonesia’s palm oil position in the global market place..."
March 5, 2019
Palm oil expansion moratorium potentially weakened

Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister has made the surprising move of delegating the evaluation of good forest cover situated in existing palm oil concessions - which originates from the relinquishment of state forest areas...
February 25, 2019
Peat violations ongoing in absence of law enforcement

The Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry is still not taking law enforcement action against ongoing peat violations being committed in palm oil and pulpwood concessions in the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan.
February 19, 2019
Sime Darby reacts to palm oil supply chain cases

Sime Darby Plantation (SDP) has posted two responses on its website regarding the linkage between its supply chain and the ongoing clearing of Bornean orangutan habitat, in the wake of two news reports published by foresthints.news...
February 15, 2019
Business reasons cited for ongoing peat forest clearing

This case highlights the continuing flow of MSAL palm oil into global palm oil supply chains despite the ‘business reasons’ its company is using to justify the relentless eradication of peat forests which play host to the Bornean orangutan.
February 11, 2019
IUCN report aligned with President Jokowi’s instruction

In terms of substance, the essence of the 2018 IUCN report is very much aligned with the President’s instruction of prohibiting any new palm oil expansion that converts good forest cover.
February 8, 2019
RSPO takes move, listed company stops deforestation

The RSPO Secretariat’s Investigations and Monitoring Unit (IMU) has reached a key finding regarding one of its members, PT ANJT Tbk. The IMU has found inconsistencies in landscape conservation and development plans...
February 4, 2019
Palm oil supplier continues to disrespect govt sanction

A global palm oil supplier is continuing to disobey the sanction imposed on it by the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry by persisting in the clearing and draining of Bornean orangutan-inhabited peat forests...
February 1, 2019
Orangutan lives still adversely impacted by Cargill

Cargill, the largest privately-held company in the United States, has proven to be unable to clean up its supply chain from ongoing deforestation and peat drainage in Indonesia, including the removal of the habitat of the Bornean orangutan...
January 30, 2019
Earthworm members mired in orangutan peat forest loss

There is ongoing doubt about the practices of members of The Forest Trust (TFT) - which just announced a change of name to Earthworm Foundation - given that Nestlé, its key member, has been found to be continually linked to...
January 28, 2019
MidEast company still destroying intact Papuan forests

PT KCP, a palm oil company reported by EIA and Greenpeace to be linked to Pacific Inter-Link (PIL), one of the subsidiaries of the Yemeni conglomerate HSA group, is still removing intact forests in Papua for its new palm oil plantations.
January 22, 2019
NGOs, minister present contrasting stances on new palm oil permit

Of this area, secondary forests dominate to a large extent, accounting for about 75% with the other roughly 5% composed of primary forests, based on Greenomics’ calculations which also refer to the ministry’s land cover data published in 2018.
January 9, 2019
'Beyond NDPE' measures still tied to peat drainage via Apical

This case confirms that despite Wilmar’s new policy measures, the supply chains of this company and other supporting signyatories to its joint statement remain linked to new deforestation and peat drainage.
January 7, 2019
Wilmar claims of ceased sourcing remain questionable

Despite Wilmar's announcement, this has not led automatically to the cleaning up of its supply chain from Pundi’s palm oil. In fact, Wilmar has only ceased sourcing from the Pundi mill, and not rejecting Pundi’s palm oil from its indirect supply chain altogether.
January 3, 2019
Orangutan habitat still falling victim to Wilmar supplier

The new deforestation and peat drainage that has taken place within its supply chain since Wilmar announced its new policy measures (Dec 10) means that the company should prioritize suspending those suppliers culpable of these harmful practices this month.
December 27, 2018
Apical, Mondelez still at fault for orangutan habitat loss

The supply chain of Mondelez, the maker of Oreo cookies, is still engaged with the ongoing devastation and peat drainage of the habitat of the critically-endangered Bornean orangutan in one of Indonesia’s peat restoration priority provinces.
December 20, 2018
New sanction imposed as NDPE policy still on paper only

The Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry has concluded that major palm oil buyers and traders that have already adopted an NDPE policy have yet to change their corporate culture in that their supply chains remain linked to peat violations.
December 18, 2018
Shadow company tests new Wilmar policy measures

It goes without saying that the new Wilmar policy measures should be given a chance to see to what extent they can address this case. On the other hand, no excuses should be given if the relevant evidence in this case is mishandled.
December 12, 2018
POIG member linked to drainage of peat restoration areas

The Musim Mas Group (MMG), which is one of the members of POIG (Palm Oil Innovation Group), has been sourcing palm oil from the Makin Group (Gudang Garam) whose company has recently drained parts of Indonesia’s targeted peat restoration areas...
December 7, 2018
RSPO investigating member clearing HCS forests

“The RSPO Secretariat's Investigation and Monitoring Unit was informed of the alleged forest clearance by PT ANJT in September 2018 and has been investigating the matter. As this process is currently ongoing..."
December 5, 2018
New peat drainage continues in Indonesian priority provinces

New drainage of peatlands for the expansion of palm oil plantations is still underway in provinces of Indonesia prioritized for peat restoration by President Joko Widodo in early January 2016...
November 26, 2018
New facts cast doubt on TFT’s palm oil transformation

As of today, the palm oil supply chain of Nestlé remains strongly linked to deforestation and peat destruction in Indonesia, despite the Swiss food and beverage giant having been a member of TFT for years. This assessment is backed up by...
November 23, 2018
RSPO member continues to drain peat ecosystem

The RSPO purports to ‘promote the growth and use of sustainable palm oil’ and provides certification of this. However, even after the RSPO announcement of a new standard in mid-November, one of its members continues to drain a peat ecosystem.
November 21, 2018
New RSPO standard being tested in West Papua

The ongoing palm oil plantation expansion by PT ANJT, an Indonesian-listed company which is also an RSPO member, is one case in point, and can be used as a yardstick for measuring how seriously the new RSPO standard is...
November 16, 2018
Unending peat exploitation linked to three TFT members

Nestlé remains one of the global kings of deforestation and peat destruction given that its palm oil supply chain still consists of suppliers which continue to source from companies eradicating Indonesia’s forests and exploiting its peatlands.
October 30, 2018
2018's biggest food firms still sourcing from peat destroyer

The world's top three biggest food companies in 2018, Cargill, Nestlé and PepsiCo, are still sourcing palm oil from the Jakarta-listed company PT TBLA Tbk which continues to drain Indonesia’s targeted peat restoration areas...
October 26, 2018
Leuser peat violator to be hit with parallel legal actions

“The process of executing the Supreme Court’s ruling is being undertaken in parallel with the new law enforcement measures against PT Kallista Alam...”
October 24, 2018
Cargill tainted by peat ecosystem destruction in West Papua

The palm oil supply chain of self-proclaimed major palm oil trader Cargill is still linked to PT ANJT, a palm oil company exploiting part of an Indonesian peat ecosystem to make way for its palm oil plantations.
October 19, 2018
Mars asks ADM to remove Papua deforester from supply chain

“We are taking action with our direct suppliers when we become aware of credible grievances throughout our palm oil supply chain and have asked our supplier ADM to remove ANJT from the supply chain."
October 17, 2018
PEAK clearing peat forests despite palm oil moratorium

PEAK's business-as-usual will certainly place it in the list of palm oil companies perpetrating peat violations, including those that are ignoring the palm oil moratorium by continuing...
October 12, 2018
Govt exposes razing of peat forests by global CPO supplier

"The ground-check was performed on the order of our minister because of strong indications of peat violations, among other things, involving state forest areas."
October 10, 2018
New Papua deforestation seen as a real test for Nestlé

Despite the new palm oil moratorium recently put into effect, an Indonesian-listed company and global palm oil supplier, continues to level good forest cover to develop new palm oil plantations...
October 1, 2018
Palm oil moratorium puts spotlight on existing permit

"The sold GenP concession is one of the existing palm oil concessions that technically meets the criteria to be evaluated, with reference to the content of the President's palm oil expansion moratorium."
September 24, 2018
Greenpeace report exposes impact of permits from SBY regime

A review confirms that nearly 100% of the deforestation and peat ecosystem destruction in Papua and West Papua provinces is due to permits granted by the forestry ministry during the decade-long SBY administration (2004-2014).
September 21, 2018
Minister underlines key points of new palm oil moratorium

“The ongoing clearing of good forest cover to make way for the development of new palm oil plantations, especially over the last four years, has almost exclusively taken place in concessions whose permits were granted by the SBY..."
September 20, 2018
Ex-Triputra concession in Bornean orangutan habitat sealed

The Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry has taken law enforcement action against PT Pinang Witmas Abadi (PWA) by sealing it as a result of the peat fires that have taken place in its palm oil concession...
September 17, 2018
‘Powerful’ company engaged in non-stop peat drainage

This situation demonstrates just how powerful TBLA considers itself to be, seeing that it has brazenly continued to operate without complying with existing peat regulations, constantly draining peatlands some of which...
September 13, 2018
New evidence found in Batang Toru hydroelectric site

The discovery of three two-day-old Tapanuli orangutan nests in community plantations, isolated due to the fragmentation of their habitat by PT NSHE's hydroelectric power project development, forms part of the evidence as to why...
September 11, 2018
New peat drainage taints 20 palm oil traders, buyers

...First Resources/CAA's ongoing clearing and draining of peat forests highlight the fact that the aforementioned 20 global palm oil traders and buyers remain tainted by peat destruction practices...
September 10, 2018
Palm oil permits with intact forests traded for USD80m

...these permits were traded in a single purchase agreement, at a total price of USD80 million with the permits worth USD40 million each, to a third party based in Malaysia. The area of each permit is equivalent to...
September 3, 2018
Canals being developed in sold Triputra concession

PT PWA, a palm oil company recently sold by the Triputra Group whose concession lies within the habitat of the critically-endangered Bornean orangutan, has been engaging in the large-scale development of new canals...
August 28, 2018
16 global palm oil players linked to ongoing peat fires

Four of the five palm oil concessions (PT SUM, PT PLD, PT AAN, and PT RJP) owned by GAMA Plantation in West Kalimantan's Kubu Raya regency have been sealed by the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry...
August 24, 2018
Sanction put in place against Saratoga palm oil company

A strict sanction has been imposed on PT Surya Panen Subur (SPS-2), a palm oil company whose concession lies in part of the Leuser Ecosystem, following an instruction from Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya...
August 20, 2018
Illegal Leuser Ecosystem destruction traced back

Using time-series data from 2011-2013, USGS Landsat 7 and 8 images were able to trace back how the Saratoga-associated company destroyed peatlands in HCV areas which were legally established as such...
August 14, 2018
Minister sanctions palm oil company in Leuser Ecosystem

Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya has decided to impose a strict sanction on PT Surya Panen Subur (SPS-2) - which operates in the Tripa peat swamps, part of the Leuser Ecosystem...
August 13, 2018
GAMA Plantation ceases new peat development

Satellite data has confirmed that after the Indonesian Forestry Ministry conducted a ground-based inspection of a palm oil concession belonging to PT GAN, a GAMA Plantation-owned company, no further new peat...
August 3, 2018
Minister divulges breaches by global palm oil supplier

“It is very concerning as to why these legally-established HCV areas have been converted into palm oil plantations. This is obviously not in compliance with the company’s environmental permit.”
August 1, 2018
One-year long destruction of orangutan habitat highlighted

Satellite data confirms that over the course of a year, bulldozing of the Bornean orangutan’s habitat in a concession took place continuously to make way for new palm oil plantations, and there is still...
July 30, 2018
Papua’s vanishing forests linked to TFT, RSPO members

This situation highlights the fact that the aforementioned TFT and RSPO members retain supply chains tainted by deforestation, in this case the destruction of Papua’s HCS forests.
July 26, 2018
Minister confirms end to peat drainage by two companies

"My law enforcement director general has reported to me that the president directors of the two palm oil companies in question have declared a halt to their new peat drainage practices. This represents good progress."
July 11, 2018
Decision taken by peat agency over MoU with RSPO

A review conducted by the Indonesian Peat Restoration Agency (BRG) concerning an MoU it signed with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has resulted in a decision to put this MoU on hold...
July 9, 2018
Peat agency signs MoU with RSPO, deprioritizing ISPO

...the Indonesian Peat Restoration Agency (BRG) signed an MoU with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in a move that undermines the President's directive. In doing this, the peat agency has neglected...
July 5, 2018
Certain companies yet to submit peat recovery documents

For palm oil business groups controlling certain companies which have yet to prepare and submit peat recovery legal documents to the ministry, this is tantamount to their sustainability policy not meeting the standards...
June 26, 2018
Official letter warns Salim Group companies over peat violations

"The essence of the letter is aimed at putting an end to new peat development without delay, while making certain that peat recovery efforts are also immediately implemented in the two Salim Group palm oil concessions."
June 25, 2018
Minister cracks down on GAMA company for peat violations

On the basis of the 10 proven violations committed by the GAMA palm oil company, Minister Siti Nurbaya has issued 11 orders to the company to fulfill legal compliance based on existing laws and regulations.
June 18, 2018
Minister brands EU palm oil phase-out deal a misstep

“The phasing-out of palm oil in order to meet the EU’s renewable energy target, despite being pushed back to 2030, is clearly a misplaced move which also sends a bad signal to many other sectors in the world economy."
June 7, 2018

Minister takes next move to stop peat violations in Leuser

“The primary instruction from our minister is to take immediate law enforcement measures. This is the second layer after the first layer has already been done by her writing to the Aceh governor requesting that the peat violations be stopped."
May 28, 2018

HCV areas being destroyed by bauxite mining company

High conservation value (HCV) areas set aside by palm oil companies are not always easy to maintain. An example of this is the case of the ongoing bauxite exploitation by PT Laman Mining in parts of...
May 23, 2018

Public response by palm oil company raises further legal questions

It should also be pointed out that the areas being converted into new palm oil plantations all fall within a section of Indonesia's peat protection zones established by Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya...
May 14, 2018

Prominent business player continues to drain peat forests

Major parts of the Ketungau peat forest landscape, which lies in West Kalimantan’s Sintang regency, have been destroyed by two palm oil companies that are associated with the Salim Group...
May 11, 2018

Bulldozing of orangutan habitat continues in front of our eyes

Regardless of the level of concern about the fate of the Bornean orangutan and the places it calls home, the facts show that we are still unable to end the clearing of the habitat of this critically-endangered species in...
May 2, 2018

TFT members linked to palm oil expansion in burned peatlands

Despite having made public the names of the palm oil mills from which they source, the supply chains of Nestlé, Mars, ADM and Bunge, all members of The Forest Trust (TFT), unfortunately continue to be linked with peat destruction...
April 30, 2018

Palm oil industry’s ability to halt deforestation in question

"The global community is increasingly questioning the palm oil sector about its ability to halt deforestation, deliver positive livelihoods and contribute to feeding a growing world population in a sustainable manner."
April 28, 2018

TFT agrees with Greenpeace but rejects claim of failure

...TFT is not in total agreement with Greenpeace especially with regard to the assertion that the palm oil supply chains of its members remain linked with deforestation and peat destruction.
April 26, 2018

Company behind palm oil expansion promises ground-check

It can now be confirmed, based on information obtained by foresthints.news from relevant sources, including local communities as well as employees of PT BSG, that the listed company in question is PT SSMS.
April 23, 2018

Palm oil expansion in LiDAR-mapped peat still undetected

Even more embarrassingly for the peat agency, these palm oil expansion spots are actually situated in the Norwegian-funded LiDAR mapping areas in the Sungai Kahayan-Sebangau peat hydrological landscape.
April 20, 2018

TFT challenged to clean up its members’ supply chains

TFT's open response failed to address exactly how many hectares of land have been subjected to deforestation and peat destruction by its members, from the time they became TFT members until its response was released.
April 19, 2018

Peat forest clearing by two palm oil companies halted

Two palm oil companies controlled by the CAA Group have been hit with strict administrative sanctions from the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry by having their peat violation-related operations terminated.
April 17, 2018

Iceland, Greenpeace and GAR

...the engagement between Greenpeace and GAR has not succeeded in positioning the latter as a responsible palm oil industry leader. Moreover, Greenpeace should have explained this lesson learned to Iceland...
April 16, 2018

Minister: Iceland’s decision obviously unethical

"The decision announced by Iceland is a really unethical and irresponsible move which merely seeks to exploit orangutans for the company's rebranding efforts. This move doesn’t show the company’s concern for orangutans..."
April 13, 2018

RFN presents evidence of GAMA's irresponsible operations

The RFN-commissioned report, complemented by the news reports from foresthints.news, reveals that the operational activities of GAMA's PT GAN in both the older and new concession are practically identical...
April 12, 2018

GAMA operations exemplify irresponsible company

RFN asserted that the operations of companies that violate Indonesian law should be immediately stopped. The Norwegian environmental group went even further, stressing that any punishment...
April 10, 2018

No active business relations with GAMA, palm oil giant confirms

...now is the time for Wilmar, Unilever, Nestle, PepsiCo, Bunge, P&G, IOI, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Mars and others to follow in the footsteps of Musim Mas by also disengaging their supply chains from GAMA...
April 9, 2018

Buyers pressed to suspend palm oil purchasing from GAMA

Wilmar and Unilever, along with other palm oil buyers, especially those that have committed to adopting deforestation-free supply chains, are now being pressured to immediately suspend palm oil purchases from GAMA...
April 4, 2018

Global companies linked to new canal development

“Unilever, PepsiCo, Nestle, and their suppliers like Wilmar, have failed to respond to peat destruction like this, which currently represents a global emergency.”
April 3, 2018

Video depicts orangutan peat forests in recently sold Triputra concession

This video presents peat forests in Triputra Agro Persada sold concession, located in West Kalimantan’s Kubu Raya regency, which also contains the habitat of the critically-endangered Bornean orangutan.

Business group sells concession containing peat forests and orangutans

Triputra Agro Persada, one of the leading Indonesian palm oil suppliers linked to global supply chains, has recently sold its not yet developed palm oil concession, PT PWA, a significant part of which is still made up of peat forests.

New CPO mill constructed in targeted peat restoration site

The Construction of a palm oil mill by PT GAN, located in West Kalimantan's Kubu Raya regency is almost complete, delivering an extremely embarrassing lesson learned to the Indonesian Peat Agency (BRG)...

Peat forests targeted for restoration being converted into palm oil

The peat agency needs to answer a big question as to why it failed to detect massive new canal development in the peat forests, consisting of peat domes, which are situated in the two GAMA Plantation...

Two giants slow to cut ties with Papua deforestation

...both Unilever and Wilmar remain closely connected to the clearing of HCS forests in Papua, while also proving that these two giants have not yet been able to remove deforestation footprints from their supply chains.

GAR delivers deforestation-free supply chains to Papua

GAR, the world's second largest listed palm planter, has proved that deforestation-free supply chains are indeed attainable through what it termed ‘deep engagement’ with one of its suppliers.

Deforestation halted by NDPE policy but ongoing monitoring needed

What Wilmar and the Kencana Agri Group have demonstrated, by halting the clearance of HCS forests by their two palm oil companies for more than three years is an example of the consistency of implementing an NDPE policy.

Peat mapping seen as invalid excuse for restoration slowdown

“It’s certainly completely irrelevant to come up with this new excuse that the very slow progress in restoring 2015’s burned peatlands is because the Indonesian peat maps are not up-to-date and inadequate."

Papua's HCS forest destruction remains connected to Unilever

The supply chains of Unilever are still engaging with mills owned by PT ANJT, which continues to expand its new palm oil plantations by clearing relatively intact forests in West Papua province.

Unilever buying CPO from peat forest destroying mills

Two palm oil mills in question are found in Unilever’s list of mills whose palm oil it uses. This means that Unilever’s supply chains are directly associated with mills which are actively destroying Indonesian peat forests.

Unilever undeniably linked to removal of Bornean orangutan habitat

...what would truly represent a radical step is if Unilever decides to cut off its supply chains involving companies still engaged with clearing the habitat of the Bornean orangutan...

RAN reacts strongly to palm oil company initiative

“PT ABN's latest comments about the need to restore the home range of the local herd of elephants is a position that the company needed to hold in June 2016 when it accelerated deforestation instead of halting clearance..."

33% of new palm oil concessions made up of peat ecosystems

Measuring in total the equivalent of 58 thousand soccer fields, 33% of these three new palm oil concessions consists of peat ecosystems, according to the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry’s peat ecosystem map.

Four new palm oil permits issued across Papua region

...in the event that a legal basis underpinning the palm oil expansion moratorium is issued, concessions which consist of good forest cover - whether from new palm oil permits or old ones - would remain objects for evaluation.

Palm oil expansion still ongoing in Indonesian peat ecosystem

Two palm oil companies owned by the CAA group are continuing to carry out deforestation and destroy the peat ecosystem for the expansion of their palm oil plantations in Central Kalimantan’s Pulang Pisau regency...

Palm oil company to rehabilitate Leuser’s elephant home range

After clearing forested areas within the Leuser Ecosystem spanning the equivalent of more than 400 soccer fields, a palm oil company has declared its commitment to rehabilitating the home range of the Sumatran elephant...

Photos highlight level of Bornean orangutan habitat destruction

An expanse of land in a palm oil concession (PT PSM), which is dominated by high carbon stock (HCS) forests and forms a habitat for the critically-endangered Bornean orangutan, continues to be bulldozed...

NDPE companies remain linked to destructive supply chains

If the five NDPE-adopting companies continue to act impotently by failing to take concrete actions, then their adoption of an NDPE policy is certainly questionable...

PONGO Alliance ineffective in ending clearing of orangutan home

It seems unrealistic to expect the PONGO Alliance to be able to put an end to the clearing of the HCS forests, which are also home to the Bornean orangutan...

Ground-check proves errors in WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping

These ground-check findings prove that a detailed analysis based on LiDAR mapping funded by the Norwegian government and under the coordination of the World Resources Institute (WRI) is both legally and technically erroneous.

Zero evidence of burned peat in Padang Sugihan questionable

The classification of almost all of 2015’s burned peat areas in the Padang Sugihan Wildlife Reserve as secondary peat swamp forests, of even a high and medium density, by the WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping team plainly represents an example of biased land cover classification evidence.

Minister emphasizes necessity of unbiased LiDAR mapping

The Environment and Forestry Minister cautioned that any mapping tool, whatever its name and including LiDAR, should still refer to land cover changes on a time-series basis while also encompassing a review of the government's legally-defined historical evidence.

Google Earth images reveal flawed WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping

The WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping - now proven to have significantly trivialized the magnitude of 2015’s burned peat areas - is plainly at odds with the President’s main reason for forming the peat agency.

LiDAR analysis blunder viewable from trans-Kalimantan highway

In fact, the blunder made in classifying vegetation as a result of the LiDAR mapping, whose implementation was coordinated by the WRI, can be seen from the side of the trans-Kalimantan highway...

New evidence reinforces inaccuracy of WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping

The new evidence confirms that the WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping in Pulang Pisau regency involved serious errors, chiefly by ignoring evidence of 2015’s burned peat forests...

Majority of peat restoration funds still unused

Regardless of the various claims made about its performance accomplishments, the facts show that the actual performance of the Indonesian Peat Agency (BRG), as of mid-November this year, remained very poor...

Peat agency LiDAR mapping omits evidence of burned peat forests

A Norwegian-funded LiDAR mapping initiative, whose implementation was coordinated by the WRI with the Indonesian Peat Restoration Agency (BRG) as the main user of the maps it produced, led to a detailed but misleading analysis...

Norwegian embassy implicitly confirms Cargill concession lies in peatlands

The use of the term ‘detailed peat maps’ implies that all the areas covered by the peat agency's LiDAR mapping - whose financing is supported by the Norwegian government - are indeed composed of peat.

Govt shares photos of Cargill’s new plantations in peat ecosystem

"We are studying the Cargill company's peat recovery plan. (However) it is not legally relevant for the company to claim that its concession is not composed of peat at the current stage."

Cargill develops new plantations in peat ecosystem complex

Cargill palm oil company, PT Hindoli, has been proven to have developed new palm oil plantations, in particular before its concession was incorporated into the peat ecosystem map legally established by Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya...

Apical update confirms NDPE companies linked to deforestation

The Apical grievance update confirms that, as of the end of August this year, global supply chains, including its own, were still linked to the clearing of HCS forests and the habitat of the critically-endangered Bornean orangutan.

More NDPE companies connected to loss of orangutan habitat

It would be both ironic and bizarre if NDPE companies - having pledged to clean up their supply chains - were not able to dissociate themselves from the destruction of the Bornean orangutan’s habitat...

Edible oils market leader linked to ongoing loss of orangutan habitat

In the event that Wilmar and ADM Global fail to do anything, global palm oil supply chains will continue to be linked to the destruction of the Bornean orangutan’s habitat.

FGV associate responds to NDPE policy issues

The FGV associate’s NDPE policy was weak in terms of its content, and thus ineffective in cleaning up the company’s supply chains, from deforestation and peat destruction in particular.

Clearing begun on Bornean orangutan habitat worth USD3.2 million

Satellite images indicate that the forested habitat of the critically-endangered Bornean orangutan in a palm oil concession (PT PSM) - formerly controlled by Genting Plantations (GenP) - is being cleared by...

Peat agency LiDAR mapping covers US company concession

“The peat agency needs to explain to the public why the Cargill concession is part of its LiDAR mapping, whereas APP-controlled concessions which were extensively burned in 2015 have not been prioritized."

Serious questions arise about FGV associate’s supply chains

...This question relates to supply chain issues, and does not concern the locations of the mills where CPO is sourced. Disappointingly, however, this question also met with no response from PT SON.

BGA confirms no new peat planting in orangutan habitat

“BGA can confirm that it will not be undertaking new peat planting for new palm oil plantations in the PT DAS concession, either in peat protection or cultivation zones.”

Papua’s HCS forests remain a source of palm oil expansion

The clearing of Papua’s HCS forests by the AMS Ganda Group company shows that the level of traceability of Wilmar’s supply chains remains a fundamental question that deserves to be addressed.

FGV investments disregard cleaning up of supply chains

...FGV’s new sustainability policy doesn’t apply to the operations of its joint ventures in which it doesn't have a controlling stake and which remain linked to supply chains involved in the deforestation of HCS forests and new peat drainage...

Musim Mas respects GenP decision considered an ‘old dirty trick’

“Genting is evading its promise to protect forests by selling its plantation to another company which will likely clear it. It’s an old dirty trick."

GenP held to account for promises despite exit strategy

This sale represented GenP’s exit strategy to avoid keeping its promise - as written in Wilmar’s grievance report - of maintaining HCS forests situated within the PT PSM concession.

Largest US corporation complies with Indonesian peat governance

“The Cargill palm oil company has submitted its peat recovery plan document to the ministry, as have some other Singapore and Malaysian-based companies such as GAR, RGE and IOI."

Global campaigner urges corporations to start monitoring with ministry

“Peat monitoring, including the continuing law enforcement actions by the ministry, needs to be appreciated. These are great efforts which most certainly send an extremely good signal to the international community..."

World’s largest palm oil trader’s supply chains linked to peat violations

In the case of Wilmar, the ministry’s findings could be used by stakeholders to illustrate that the company’s supply chains remain linked to deforestation, new peat development, and the destruction of the Bornean orangutan’s habitat.

Minister presents photos of peat violations in palm oil concession

“Law enforcement measures are being taken against the peat violations committed by the palm oil company seeing that they clearly contravene the newly-revised peat regulation signed by President Joko Widodo..."

Peat agency’s budget absorption level at 1.2% by mid-year 2017

The acceleration of peat restoration has undoubtedly been affected by the peat agency’s extremely low budget absorption level, particularly this year. The adverse effects of this situation...

No room for palm oil, mining expansion as Irwandi returns as Aceh Governor

...Irwandi of course needs to continue enforcing the moratorium imposed by his predecessor, and refrain from issuing any palm oil or mining permits as he did during his first term.

Minister urges corrective action from companies in peat governance

“Concrete corrective action from forestry and palm oil companies is essential. Don’t bother giving solutions to the government which, in essence, only seek to sustain business-as-usual practices."

Fires hit Leuser Ecosystem’s Tripa peat swamp

“At the location, the ministry team is taking appropriate law enforcement measures, including asking PT CA for clarification about the peat fires in its concession for the development of new palm oil plantations."

Indonesia unmoved by US decision to withdraw from Paris Agreement

“The Indonesian government is sticking to the Paris Climate Agreement. Indonesia does not rely on the level of commitment from any other countries, including the US."

Indonesian authorities conclude Sime Darby has committed violations

The Indonesian forestry authorities uncovered these violations after conducting a ground-check of two different locations in the Sime Darby rubber concession located in the Sumatra’s Belitung island.

Minister details role of peat governance in Indonesian GDP

“The ultimate goal of these peat governance efforts is to bring about healthy and good-quality economic growth, as opposed to economic growth tainted by peat fires which cause public health problems and disturb other economic sectors.”

VIDEO CLIP: Environmental activist releases new single for forests

“The initiative for the song came after the declaration of the moratorium on the expansion of palm oil and mining in the Leuser Ecosystem. To be precise, it was three days after President Jokowi announced the moratorium in mid-April last year."

Minister reaffirms backing from President on peat reforms

“President Jokowi explained that environmental and economic interests have clashed for ages, to the extent that the government felt it necessary to try and improve peat governance. This commitment has not changed."

Peat agency to revise roadmap by incorporating new peat regulations

"We should be grateful that Indonesia has this recently-revised peat regulation, as it forms the backbone for peat restoration and protection, in the interests of both the public and business..."

Evidence indicates Wilmar’s grievance progress updates not real

“We suggest that Wilmar, before posting any more progress updates on grievances from stakeholders, first verify exactly what is happening in the field..."

Stakeholders told about mistakenly-uploaded peat restoration roadmap

It is crucial for the (real) roadmap document to be made available so as to give all relevant stakeholders some insight into the peat agency’s restoration plans for 2016 to 2020.

Legal measures taken against palm oil company fragmenting peat forests

“There needs to be a common understanding that any party committing peat violations will find no defense or compromise from the President Joko Widodo administration...”

Ministry regrets baseless claim about unannounced inspection

“I have absolutely no knowledge of the report on PT MPK. Indeed, I’ve never even seen it or met with them to discuss any such report. The statement in the press release is really just an empty claim.”

Minister decides to review logging permit in Bornean orangutan habitat

“As a legal consequence of the designation of the majority of the PT MPK logging concession as peat protection zones, the permit granted to the company needs to be reviewed.”

Sale of permit raises concerns for HCS forests and orangutan habitat

A palm oil plantation development permit whose concession contains widespread swathes of HCS forests, and also includes the habitat of the Bornean orangutan, has been sold for nearly USD 3.2 million.

Market leader continues clearing of Papua’s forests to achieve its business goal

One of the world’s leading global commodity traders is continuing to clear Papua’s intact forests in order to achieve its goal of expanding its palm oil plantation business.

Finger pointed at Felda for ties with controversial palm oil company

Some major Malaysian palm oil companies are among the biggest buyers from controversial supplier - a company which itself declared that it had ‘busy years ahead’ clearing Papua’s intact forest.

Astra responds to questions about ties to controversial palm oil supplier

“The purchasing was made by the Astra-KLK company as the joint venture did not know that ANJT had problems. After October, there has been no more purchasing from ANJT.”

Astra retains link to supplier with ‘busy years ahead’ clearing Papua's forest

“Astra’s failure to implement its own policy is unacceptable and demonstrates that nice policies are not enough.”

Lesson learned report needed from GAR despite constructive response

“We do agree that lessons need to be learned from the experiences of GAR, and other companies, in terms of how best to achieve a balance between economic growth and..."

Independent audit essential to learn truth about loss of HCS forest, says NGO

Almost all of the forest stratified as high carbon stock (HCS forest) which predominates in a palm oil concession block belonging to PT PIP, a subsidiary of Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), has been lost...

NGO coalition raises concerns about bureaucracy, ministry responds with evidence

...any pertinent concerns about the acceleration of peat restoration should be directed at those behind the delay in the completion of the peat restoration plan.

Second video reemphasizes untrue claims unhelpful in preventing peat fires

This second video from the ministry indicates that no real peat restoration interventions on the ground were undertaken by the peat agency over the course of last year in 2015’s burned peatland areas.

Peat agency falls short of professional standards by failing to cite key data source

“The peat agency needs to be fair and honest. It is obligatory for data sources to be provided, no matter what the publication, both in a legal sense and in terms of the principles of good governance."

Photos of 2015’s burned peat in pulp giant concessions reinforce President’s warning

President Joko Widodo emphasized that when it comes to law enforcement, there is absolutely no room for compromise on issues related to forest and land fires.

Video reveals threat of peat fires from targeted peat restoration areas

“The ground checks conducted by the ministry were intended to confirm the level of peat restoration interventions claimed by the peat agency in anticipation of peat fires in 2017..."

Environmental NGOs call on APP not to continue operations in drained peatlands

Mainly due to 2015's catastrophic fires, which largely derived from pulpwood concessions belonging to APP, a lot of pressure has been put on this pulp & paper company, including from environmental NGOs.

Govt cracks down on five more APP peat violators, bringing total to eight

The total number of APP companies ordered to remove all their newly-replanted acacia by the Indonesia's Environment and Forestry Minister, due to peat violations they have committed, now stands at eight.

Ministry criticizes peat agency’s misleading claims of ‘peat restoration interventions’

“Don’t give the wrong signals to the public. The peat agency should remember that it doesn’t need to show off by polishing its performance over 2016.”

Peat agency delivers zero action in hardest-hit concession, videos show

"...If PT BAP's concession, which contains the greatest area of burned peatlands, has been found not to have been touched for restoration by the peat agency, what about all the others?”

Benchmarks to evaluate peat agency’s performance defined

“Given that the annual peat restoration target in 2016 is unavailable, the evaluation instead focused on how many hectares have already been restored by the Indonesian Peat Restoration Agency...”

2016’s peat restoration efforts leave critical lessons learned

“Legally speaking, it has been very difficult to measure the peat agency’s performance this year, given that the legal documents for the 2016-2020 peat restoration plan have not been finalized by the agency."

Pulp giant replanting burned peat must face full force of law, urges frontline alliance

“We really hope that the APP companies exploiting last year’s burned peatlands face the full force of the law, both administrative and civil as well as criminal."

Ministry official refutes report alleging burned peat replanting authorized

“I need to emphasize that what has been reported by mongabay.com is legally and technically incorrect. The reporting by mongabay.com is not based on the letter that I sent to the APP companies concerned."

CSOs back govt’s law enforcement efforts against APP’s peat violations

Indonesia’s Minister of the Environment and Forestry has ordered three APP companies operating in OKI regency in South Sumatra province to remove all the acacia planted in last year’s burned peatlands...

Govt indicates giant agribusiness group linked to illegal peat exploitation

There are indications that the supply chain of Asia’s leading agribusiness group is involved in illegal peat exploitation in state forest areas by developing new palm oil plantations.

Outgoing ambassador impressed by Jokowi’s climate change efforts

“The Jokowi administration has really impressed not only me but, I think, the world with its efforts at reform. I think the Jokowi administration with the President and Ibu Siti in front have made this..."

Two prominent NGOs disengage from APRIL’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee

Two key stakeholders of APRIL’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC), Greenpeace and the WWF, have announced that they are suspending their engagement with the committee...

No peat restoration efforts across APP’s supply chain, concludes ministry’s monitoring

“As of early December this year, the ministry’s monitoring has led to the conclusion that no peat restoration efforts have been carried out in APP’s pulpwood concessions."

Govt punishes APRIL’s business-as-usual practices in peatlands

“The new pulpwood plantation being developed must be restored. This is the responsibility of the company. A letter to this effect will be sent tomorrow to the owner of APRIL."

Minister highlights key points of revised peat regulation

Minister Siti Nurbaya said that the key feature of the revised peat regulation is the imposition of a moratorium on any new land clearing in peatlands...

President signs revised peat regulation, ending business-as-usual practices

“We should be extremely grateful for President Joko Widodo’s leadership in terms of peatland protection which has been nothing short of extraordinary..."

Top officials investigate extent of palm oil company's peatland violations

Two director generals of the ministry concluded from the results of the field investigation that PT DGS, a subsidiary of TBLA, has failed to comply legally with the terms of its permit...

Listed company develops new palm oil plantation in last year’s burned peatlands

"Following these findings, the ministry has taken the decision that the company must immediately stop the development of canals. We are in the process of putting this decision into effect...”

Govt doing commendable job in protecting Leuser Ecosystem, according to acclaimed biologist

Professor William F. Laurance was especially eager to laud the efforts of the current Indonesian government with respect to ongoing forest conservation efforts and measures.

Minister designates Leuser Ecosystem as inseparable part of Aceh spatial plan

“I have already decided to incorporate the boundaries of the Leuser Ecosystem into the Aceh state forest area map."

Aceh Governor reinforces President’s palm oil moratorium policy

As part of a follow-up to the declaration of a moratorium on the expansion of palm oil plantation in the Leuser Ecosystem, the governor of Aceh has issued...

Minister lives up to promise on action against peatland violators in Leuser Ecosystem

“I explicitly instructed my law enforcement team to apprehend anybody engaging in illegal logging or clearing in the Leuser Ecosystem. The monitoring goes on..."

VIDEO: Monitoring finds seriously burned peatland in Leuser Ecosystem, prompting demand for action

Monitoring conducted by Indonesia's Ministry of the Environment and Forestry has identified some seriously burned peatlands in the Tripa peatland complex located in the Leuser Ecosystem...

President’s no peat exploitation policy boosted by Agrarian Minister’s newly-issued letter

“I highly commend this move made by my colleague, the agrarian minister. We in the cabinet continue to work hand-in-hand to ensure that the no peat exploitation policy..."

Indonesian peatland restoration indicative map issued, covering 35 times the size of Singapore

“This peatland restoration indicative map is a concrete manifestation of President Jokowi’s great commitment to restoring last year's burned peatlands as well as saving existing peat domes."

President Jokowi vows never to retreat in fight against forest and land fires

“We are not going to retreat in enforcing the law in cases of forest and land fires. We aim to instill discipline in companies and enforce the law..."

Landscape level peat restoration to begin this year, says Peat Agency Chief

“This landscape level peat restoration consists of several concessions located in an extensive peat landscape, especially those under the control of one business group, which were afflicted by huge peat fires."

Violations in Tripa peat protection zone uncovered

Although a section of the Tripa peatlands was designated as a protection zone by the Aceh Spatial Plan in December 2013, burning, clearing and draining has still occured in parts of this area.

President gets peat agency report card, demands further peat restoration action

President Jokowi has ordered immediate and clear on-the-ground action to be taken to restore both peatlands burned last year, in particular those located in concession areas...

Palm oil moratorium on track, ministry urges all parties to get on board

A draft presidential instruction and action plan on the palm oil plantation expansion moratorium were approved at a coordination meeting under the auspices of...

Pressure on Wilmar to keep its promises after IPOP disbandment

Wilmar should be willing to sever its supply chain from Provident Agro, given that the two concessions of this supplier concerned consist almost entirely of HCS forests...

Ex-IPOP signatory’s commitment being tested in Papua despite reassurances

If the Musim Mas Group were to conduct land clearing in parts of these two concessions, it is fair to assume that the palm oil giant would be explicitly declaring itself to be...

Aceh authorities explain rationale behind Leuser circular letter ‎to palm oil companies

The government of Aceh has taken concrete steps to put into effect the moratorium on palm oil expansion in the Leuser Ecosystem...

Existing permits not to be left out of palm oil moratorium, according to ministry

“Reviews of existing permits form an integral part of the palm oil expansion moratorium. I am conveying this on behalf of the Environment and Forestry Minister."

VIDEO: Fate of underdeveloped villages linked to supply chains of palm oil giants in the Leuser Ecosystem

These Singapore-based palm oil giants, whose supply chains are linked to palm oil plantations in the Leuser Ecosystem, seem to have no desire to develop the area’s underdeveloped villages, some of which are extremely underdeveloped.

VIDEO: Swift action by minister in Leuser Ecosystem saves 22 Sumatran elephants

Indonesia's Environment and Forestry Minister demonstrated her commitment to on-the-ground law enforcement by taking firm action against the company PT ABN, sealing off its palm oil concession located within the Leuser Ecosystem...

IPOP disbandment due to two key drivers, says DG

“The self-disbandment of IPOP by the ex-IPOP signatories is not really surprising news. Their desire to do this has been plain to see since early July 2015...”

Ministry seals off palm oil concession in Leuser Ecosystem linked to supply chain of top biofuel producers

Indonesia's Ministry of the Environment and Forestry has sealed off the palm oil concession belonging to PT ABN because the company lacked the necessary permit to carry out its land-clearing operations.

Chamber of commerce chief issues strong warning against boycott of Indonesian palm oil

“We really have to fight against this. The imposition of a progressive tax is definitely not a solution. We need to be resolute in our opposition to this policy,” he stressed.

CIRAD says imposing higher taxes on palm oil was 'wrong action to take'

“Scientific evidence derived from long-standing partners in Indonesia shows that if the goal is to avoid deforestation and protect biodiversity, then imposing higher taxes on palm oil is the wrong action to take..."

Sustainable development not sole responsibility of producing countries, says coordinating minister

Indonesia, the world’s largest CPO producer, must have the foresight and ability to anticipate future challenges and opportunities, said Indonesian Coordinating Minister for the Economy Darmin Nasution in his opening...


Insufficient justifications for Indonesian govt to support IPOP, claims association

There are insufficient justifications, both legal and technical, for the Indonesian government to support Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge (IPOP), says a palm-industry association...


IPOP Management conveys clear position in support of minister's decision

Executive Director of IPOP Management, Nurdiana Darus, has asserted that IPOP Management fully supports the decision of Indonesia's Minister of the Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, to conduct a detailed study of IPOP...


Collaboration with communities for peat rehabilitation projects not be half-hearted, says palm oil giant executive

Forging collaborations with communities living in the vicinity of palm oil concessions should not just be done half-heartedly, without any good intentions and clear ideas as to what these collaborations can achieve...

IPOP should neither be uncritically accepted nor rejected out of hand says minister

Indonesia’s Minister of the Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, said that all of the elements of IPOP should be gone through in detail first, and that this process was still ongoing. Thus, she said, it was not yet the time to...

Reducing emissions does not depend solely on land-use and forestry issues, says Indonesian coordinating minister

Indonesian Coordinating Minister for the Economy Darmin Nasution says that reducing emissions does not depend solely on land-use and forestry issues, but also other sectors such as energy, transportation and industry.

Taking over burned areas will send wrong signals to market, Indonesian palm oil association says

President Joko Widodo recently formed the Indonesian Peatland Restoration Agency in an effort to restore roughly 2 million hectares of burned peatland. Furthermore, the Indonesian government also plans to pursue a policy...

Wilmar claims to have made significant progress, environmental NGOs disagree

Singapore-based Wilmar International, the world’s largest palm-oil trader, claims that it has made significant progress with the implementation of its no-deforestation policy over the past two years...