Palm oil giant responds positively to minister's move

JAKARTA (foresthints.news) - One of the giant palm oil companies to sign Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge (IPOP) at the end of March 2015, the Musim Mas Group, has declared that a decision by Indonesia's Minister of the Environment and Forestry to conduct an in-depth study of IPOPs content in bilateral cooperation with the US government is a positive move.

The Musim Mas Group is one of the major suppliers of biofuel to a particular Indonesian state company. The purchase of this biofuel forms part of Indonesias efforts to meet its mandatory target in terms of biofuel use, a target that increases from year to year.

"We are consistently in the corridor when it comes to complying with all of Indonesia's laws and regulations in our operations. As such, we view the minister's decision to perform a detailed study of IPOP in bilateral cooperation with the US government as a positive move," Petra Meekers, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development of the Musim Mas Group, told foresthints.news on Wednesday (March 9).

Petra went on to say that her company is continually striving to enhance the way in which sustainable production in Indonesia can have a genuine ongoing socio-economic impact on a variety of different levels.

"We have no doubts as to our continual support for sustainable palm oil production and related initiatives. In fact, our commitment is clear when it comes to initiatives like these, she added.

Petra emphasized that the presence and involvement of the Indonesian government on an ongoing basis in dialogues on sustainable palm oil production, including the dialogue inherent to the process of the in-depth study of IPOP, is certainly something both important and necessary.

"Dialogues like these involving the Indonesian government are obviously important, especially by associating them with issues linked to business-to-business platforms and other standards, both of a voluntary and regulatory nature," Petra explained.

Separately, on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 held in Jakarta, Wilmar's Chief Sustainability Officer, Jeremy Goon, refused to convey his views after carefully listening to two questions put forward by foresthints.news on Thursday (Mar 10).

The two questions asked by foresthints.news to IPOP signatories concerned the consistency of their commitment to IPOP and what their positions were with respect to the decision taken by the Environment and Forestry Minister to perform a detailed study of IPOP in bilateral cooperation with the US government.

The minister in question, Siti Nurbaya, has decided on this move after receiving a number of complaints, in particular from IPOP signatories, about the difficulties involved with implementing IPOP on the ground level.

The decision by the minister also comes on the back of a press release issued by the White House stating that it was looking forward to working with the Indonesian government on the IPOP implementation level.