July 19, 2018
Freeport disregards former President Megawati’s order

Freeport’s perpetual violations over many years, by conducting operations in protection forests without a permit, should be one of the key concerns to emerge from the recent signing of a heads of agreement concerning...
July 17, 2018
Freeport sanction still valid despite heads of agreement

A strict environmental sanction imposed on Freeport by the Indonesian Ministry of the Environment and Forestry last year remains valid and has not been lifted following the recent signing of a heads of agreement...
May 30, 2018

Extra photos confirm ongoing mining of peat forest ecosystem

...all the evidence points to the fact that the peat forests spread among the HCV Bukit Kiras ecosystem continue, and will continue, to be wiped out for the sake of PT Laman Mining’s bauxite mining operations...
May 28, 2018

HCV areas being destroyed by bauxite mining company

High conservation value (HCV) areas set aside by palm oil companies are not always easy to maintain. An example of this is the case of the ongoing bauxite exploitation by PT Laman Mining in parts of...

Sanction against Chevron for environmental violations maintained

“The strict sanction against Chevron was intended to ensure that its operations are at a level of full legal compliance. This forms part of the ministry’s efforts to make sure the corporate sector is operating on the right legal track."

Minister cracks down on Freeport for environmental violations

“Freeport has been proven to have committed six categories of environmental violations, encompassing 48 separate items of violation. I have reported this to the President and he gave a clear order saying that Freeport must meet the terms of legal compliance."

Govt doing commendable job in protecting Leuser Ecosystem, according to acclaimed biologist

Professor William F. Laurance was especially eager to laud the efforts of the current Indonesian government with respect to ongoing forest conservation efforts and measures.

Minister lives up to promise on action against peatland violators in Leuser Ecosystem

€œI explicitly instructed my law enforcement team to apprehend anybody engaging in illegal logging or clearing in the Leuser Ecosystem. The monitoring goes on..."

VIDEO: Monitoring finds seriously burned peatland in Leuser Ecosystem, prompting demand for action

Monitoring conducted by Indonesia's Ministry of the Environment and Forestry has identified some seriously burned peatlands in the Tripa peatland complex located in the Leuser Ecosystem...

Palm oil moratorium on track, ministry urges all parties to get on board

A draft presidential instruction and action plan on the palm oil plantation expansion moratorium were approved at a coordination meeting under the auspices of...

Aceh authorities explain rationale behind Leuser circular letter €to palm oil companies

The government of Aceh has taken concrete steps to put into effect the moratorium on palm oil expansion in the Leuser Ecosystem...

Entire process for new palm oil permits ended, confirms minister

€œI have put a stop to the entire process for new permits for palm oil expansion under my authority, from A to Z. This is concrete proof that we are following up on President Joko Widodo€™s directive.€...


Aceh Deputy Governor ready to provide ground level backing to Leuser Ecosystem moratorium

€œThere is no doubt that the moratorium decision will need to be enforced in the field, not just implemented on paper. I am ready to provide backing to any such ground level efforts.€

2016-02-17RAN: Two main things needed for APP to win marketplace trust2016-04-24

Minister points to Leuser Ecosystem moratorium in UN speech as proof of Indonesia€™s commitment

APP fails the grade, according to Forest Peoples Programme
The Indonesian government€™s commitment to imposing a moratorium on palm oil and mining expansion in the Leuser Ecosystem now seems completely set in stone..


Chief Security Minister congratulates parties involved in Leuser Ecosystem palm oil and mining moratorium

The declaration of a moratorium on the expansion of palm oil and mining in the Leuser Ecosystem was met with congratulations and support from Indonesia's Chief Security Minister...

Minister and Acehnese leaders declare moratorium on palm oil and mining expansion in the Leuser Ecosystem

Indonesia€™s Minister of the Environment and Acehnese leaders have declared a moratorium on the expansion of palm oil and mining in the Leuser Ecosystem. This will include a review of all the operations...