Institutional setup of new Indonesian Peatland Agency to be completed in next month or two

(foresthints.news) - As a newly established government institution, formed on January 6, 2016, and whose chief was inaugurated on January 20, 2016, the Indonesian Peatland Restoration Agency needs to prioritize its institutional setup, including its offices, personnel and budget (including its program priorities), so that it is ready for its implementation this year.

In the next month or two, the main components of the institutional setup of the peatland agency will have been completed, following which the agency can begin operating gradually.

While we complete the institutional setup, we have also begun working to raise international funding support in addition to conducting peatland mapping, consulting with the stakeholders and the corporate sector as well as performing canal blocking construction, the Chief of the Indonesian Peatland Restoration Agency, Nazir Foead, told foresthints.news on Tuesday (Jan 26) in Jakarta.

Nazir said the agency will focus on building and strengthening partnerships with multistakeholders, starting with government institutions at the central and regional levels, and including close collaboration with local communities, civil society groups, the private sector along with international organizations.

The restoration of peatland of course takes place in the field. We urge that resources belonging to the peatland agency be allocated to affected peatland areas and also that the support of all parties concerned is directed to these areas. We especially hope that local communities will become involved in restoration activities, including monitoring, Nazir said.

He went on to explain that independent monitoring by civil society groups is essential so that peatland restoration can be monitored on a regular basis in the field.

We are going to form a complaints handling unit designed to be responsive in following up on complaints from stakeholders, Nazir explained further.

He added that partnerships with the private sector are equally important, and will form a priority for the peatland agency.

This will help to encourage private investment for peatland restoration. We aim to foster communication with business associations and relevant industries as part of our plan to develop peatland restoration partnerships, Nazir continued.