November 14, 2018

Decision made over APRIL supply chain evidence

(foresthints.news) - Following the disclosure of evidence showing that APRIL’s supply chain is still linked to high carbon stock (HCS) forest clearing in Indonesian Borneo, APRIL has given notice that it is taking immediate steps to clean up its supply chain from such deforestation practices.

This information was obtained from Greenomics Indonesia after the forestry-based research NGO was asked about APRIL's response to its findings related to a pulpwood company (PT TRH) which continues to level HCS forests and is also one of APRIL's acacia fiber suppliers, as reported by foresthints.news (Nov 8).

"I was informed by APRIL's Steering Advisory Committee (SAC) that the evidence exposed by Greenomics is indeed correct," Vanda Mutia Dewi, Executive Director of Greenomics, explained in Jakarta (Nov 14). 

She added that APRIL’s SAC also told her via email that APRIL has cut off PT TRH as one of its acacia fiber suppliers with immediate effect.

The Singapore-based pulp and paper giant formed its SAC with the aim of overseeing the implementation of its sustainability policy

The Planet Explorer images below, as previously reported foresthints.news (Nov 8), depict the clearing of secondary forests, as classified by the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry, by APRIL’s acacia fiber supplier PT TRH in one of its concession locations. 

APRIL’s response and confirmation

When APRIL was asked directly about this matter (Nov 13), its spokesperson responded the next day (Nov 14) with a short written message stating that "for now, we cannot comment". 

Given this response, foresthints.news once again asked Greenomics about the accuracy of the information obtained from its communications with APRIL's SAC.

“ I have conveyed to the chairman of APRIL's SAC the two key points of concern, as pertain to the veracity of the evidence uncovered and the severing of APRIL's ties with PT TRH as one of its suppliers, and he responded that he agreed. As such, it is well-confirmed,” Vanda pointed out. 

As to APRIL’s apparent unwillingness to provide a proper response, she emphasized that APRIL had given its technical analysis of this case to its SAC and the relevant decisions were made based on this analysis.

In late January this year, Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya demanded that palm oil and pulp & paper companies which have declared zero deforestation and no peat exploitation in their supply chains truly comply with their commitments on the ground level.